Augusta, Maine

Yom Rishon, 23 Nisan 5776
  • A Maine community
  • A welcoming community
  • A diverse community
  • A learning community
  • A Maine community
  • A welcoming community
  • A diverse community
  • A learning community

The Rabbi's Corner

April 1, 2016: The Passover Challenge

Too much recent political rhetoric has been marked by fear, suspicion, and hatred of the ‘other’ — we hear calls to register Muslims, patrol their neighborhoods, monitor their houses of worship, and even ban them from immigrating to our country. The rhetoric has become so toxic that even here in Augusta, the Iraqi Muslim community has felt compelled to reach out to the interfaith community to assure us that they are not terrorists, that they are good people just seeking a better life for themselves. Read more...

Upcoming Events at TBE


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What's Happening at TBE

passover.jpgCome enjoy Passover with Temple Beth El
TBE Community Seder
Saturday, April 23rd

Please RSVP and sign up for a food contribution — as always, this is a potluck. We ask for a donation of $6 per adult and $5 per child to offset the costs of wine and matzah. Make your reservation by April 18.

Who We Are

Temple Beth El is a diverse, welcoming community that embraces inclusiveness, promotes lifelong Jewish learning, and encourages active participation in Jewish life in Central Maine. We are committed to the progressive ideals of Reform Judaism, and we welcome members and visitors who represent a wide range of Jewish experiences. We seek to deepen our members’ connections to Judaism, foster a spirit of community within our congregation, and engage in social action in the world beyond our synagogue. 


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